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May 5-6
Little Basin Camping Weekend

Kelly invited me, Toby and Louie for a weekend at the HP owned campground in the Santa Cruz Mountains called "Little Basin", which is located next to Big Basin State Park. We leave Santa Clara early Saturday morning and head up 17 to Bear Creek Road for a windy 12 mile drive past Boulder Creek toward Big Basin. Just before Big Basin is the privately owned "Little Basin" campground. We check in at the lodge where we get our keys to the cabin MV1 which is located at the edge of a meadow. After unpacking and getting settled in we headed for a hike up to Eagle Rock Peak, a 1,000 foot ascend up! On Sunday, we checkout the little reservoir on the property before packing up and heading home.

Click here for more information on Little Basin

We settle into our little cabin MV1 at the edge of a meadow.

The cabin sleeps five people with built in platform beds. There was no electricity nor water.

We set up the picnic table for our meals.

We walk to the lodge for firewood, and get greeting by a herd of kitties from the ranger's kids.

We start our hike up to Eagle Rock Summit, a gradual 1,000 foot ascend.

We're greeted by a lizard on the trail.

We leave the shade of the redwoods as we reach the upper elevations of the hike.

Near the top we stop for pictures.

The range behind us is facing north toward the bay area.

At the top of Eagle Rock is the abandoned lookout tower.

Toby and Alan at the summit

Louie, Kelly and Alan.

Eagle Rock Summit

Louie Abad.

Alan at the summit.

Toby and Alan at the summit.


After our hike, Toby warms up his stew for our lunch while Kelly cuts up the sourdough roll.

We saw numerous deer grazing inthe meadow by our cabin.

After lunch we hit the tennis courts. Louie plays a set with Kelly.

Kelly shows us his moves while playiing against Louie.

Alandoes his best to show his tennis moves.

There was a swing set in the middle of the meadow by our cabin... we just couldn't resist!


The evening chilly air started to settle in so we started our fire soon.

For dinner Kelly made some wonderful marinated chicken, veggies and salmon.

Alan, Louie and Kelly staying warm by the fire.

Toby and Alan by the fire.

That evening we make Smoreson the fire.

On Sunday morning, we hike up toward the reservoir , we make a stop at log bridge over a creek.

A small reservoir on the property .

Alan, Kelly and Louie.

A small rec center had games and ping pong!

After Kelly and Louie played more tennis we all head back to the cabin to pack up. Here is the sign which greets campers to Little Basin.

The happy campers: Kelly, Alan, Toby, and Louie.

By our little cabin MV1... We then head back home.