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May 11
Dinner at Kan Zeman in Palo Alto

The gang goes out to dinner at Kan Zeman Mediterranean restaurant on University Avenue in Palo Alto. We stay for the belly dancer performance. After dinner we stop at Blue Chalk cafe for drinks. It was fun catching up with everyone, Julie gave us an update on her new job in Santa Clara (forgot the name) and her new mentoring program.

Click here for information on Kan Zeman Mediterranean restaurant
Click here for information on Blue Chalk Cafe

The gang at a reserved table toward to back of the restaurant.

After 8pm the belly dancer came out to perform.

The dancer tried to sway Louie to come up to dance... but NO.

After dinner we head over to the Blue Chalk for 'pretend' pool and some drinks. Notice... no balls!

So instead of playing pool, we pose for pictures. Steph, Kelly, me and Julie.

Kelly, Toby, me and Steph.

At the bar at the Blue Chalk Cafe: me, Steph, Julie, Louie, and Kelly.

Toby and Alan.