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June 3-4
Louie's 30th Birthday Weekend Bash

Louie celebrates his 30th birthday up in San Francisco with a night out at Asia SF. Toby and I meet up with Julie, Stephanie, and Kelly at the Hotel Adagio on Geary where we stay one night. We had a pre dinner party gathering at our hotel room (1408), Louie and his friends arrived for drinks, cakes and gifts. We then headed over to Asia SF for dancing and a show from 'gender illusionists' like my friend Raquel. Louie had additional friends and family join us for the show, there were around 26 of us. The next morning we met up with Louie and Tony at Fresca's in Noe Valley for brunch.

Click here for information on Asia SF
Click here for information on Hotel Adagio
Click here for information on Fresca

Saturday afternoon we check into our hotel, Hotel Adagio on Geary in San Francisco. Kelly, Toby and I stayed in room 1408, while Jules and Steph were in 1508.

Getting ready for the 7pm room party at our room.

Kelly and Alan ready for the evening.

I purchase NEW clothes for the weekend. (Macy's)

People start to arrive around 7pm. Jules makes party favor bags, Matt brings the cake.

Stephanie and Alan.

Stephane, Alan, Julie and Kelly.

Back: Toby, Stephane, Alan, Julie, Matt. Floor: Louie and Kelly.

Kelly lights up the cake, sorry no 30 candles. It was sure one tasty cake.

Louie gives his cake one big BLOW!

Nico and Louie.

Kara, Louie, Julie, Stephane, Alan, Toby and Kelly.

Gift time! Louie opens all his gifts. Kelly and I made custom Louie Louie CDs.

Then at 9pm it was off to Asia SF for pre-dinner dancing downstaits.

At 9:45 it was time for dinner and the show of 'gender illustionists'.

Julie and Steph eating dinner and enjoying the show.

Louie and his volleyball friends, Phil, ?, Alison, Phil.

Raquel is still performing at Asia SF, she performed back in 2002 at Julie's bachelorette party. Raquel and I were members of K&P in San Jose in the 1990's.

After dinner we head downstairs for more dancing. Here is Louie and Kelly.

Louie and Tony cut it up on the dance floor.

Louie dancing with Alison and Kara.

Raquel and Louie.

Sunday we go to Fresca's in Noe Valley for lunch before heading home.