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June 9
Mom's Birthday and Early Father's Day

We celebrate Mom's birthday at my brother's house in Fremont, we also celebrate Father's Day early since we were together. This was the first time we were able to be with Colin outside of the hospital.

Toby with Colin.

Mom with Colin.

Dad feeding Colin.

I relax with mom in the backyard.

We hang outside in the backyard, while Cedric shows us some karate moves.

Mom gets ready to cut her cake.

Gifts I got mom, a framed picture of me and mom, the Hilary Clinton autobiography..

More gifts for mom. Mike gave mom some black pearls. Andrew gives DVD.

For Father's Day we all pitched in for a Sony Camcorder.

This is how you use the camcorder!

Look at me... I'm holding Colin!!!

I'm deathly afraid of holding infants.