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June 16
Santa Cruz to visit Jim and Bob and ride the Dipper!

We head over the hill to Santa Cruz. We firsts have a 'long' breakfast at Santa Cruz Diner on Ocean Ave., then we stop and visit Jim and Bob and experience their tropical garden and pond. Then we walk over to the Boardwalk for a quick (double ride) on the Dipper. 2007 marks the 100 years the Boardwalk has been inoperation.

Click here for more information on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Jim gives us an advanced preview of next week "Pond" tour.

The lush tropical foliage surrounds the constant trickling of the pond.

We walk down to the boardwalk for a double lap on the Dipper.

Our first trip on the Dipper.

Toby and Alan on the Dipper.

The train overshot it's stop so we got a second ride... free!

A closeup of Jim and Bob's pond with the little Koi fish.

Their new kittie cat "Kayla" which looks like a little ocelat cat.