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July 21
Joe's Cooking Show Taping

Joe Romano has his first taping of his Scicilian cooking show at Sur La Table's kitchen in Los Gatos. We invite our friends to be in the studio audience for the noon taping. Tony's daughter Annae was the star of the show during the lemon cookie demonstration... she sampled the cookie dough... twice!

Click here for Joe's cooking website

We meet Jules in front of Sur La Table in Los Gatos that sunny Saturday morning.

Kelly and Julie sit in the front row during the taping. Joe cooked his Caponata (Eggplant Antipasto), Spaghetti sauce, and Lemon Cookies.

The gang! Me, Louie, Annae, Tony, Kelly, Julie, and Toby. We later went out for Gelato in downtown Los Gatos.