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July 22
Baptism of Colin Archer Galindez

Andrew and Rose Galindez joyfully invite you to the baptism of our son

Colin Archer Galindez

Sunday, July 22, 2007 at 2:00 pm
Saint Anne Catholic Parish
32223 Cabello Street
Union City, California 94587

Reception at 4pm at the Galindez Residence

Louanne Peregrino • John Garbutt
Veronica Bato • Al Mendoza
Ampee Mamuad • Ashley Custodio
Jennifer Lising • Dante Baroña

Ronnie and mom with Colin at the house before the reception.

The baptismal service beings at St. Anne Catholic Parish in Unon City.

Deacon Ben prepares the family for the actual baptism.

(oops duplicate photo)

Deacon Ben slowly brings Colin to the water.

... Colin in the water ...

.... the water must be COLD!

Coliln is dried off and ready for the rest of the service.

The service continues with the candles.

At the church with the newly baptised Colin Archer.

Ashley, Charito, Al, Bong, Cedric, Andrew, Rose, Colin, Deacon Ben, Olive, Ronnie, Joey, John and Louanne

Cypress girls: Caroline, Olive with Colin, Rose, Cedric and Kristine

Louanne, Ashley, Andrew, Joey, Rose with Colin, Cedric and John.

The Palawan Boys - Rodel, Bong, Cedric, Rose with Colin, Al, Chelsea, Cecille and Flor

Rose with Colin, Cedric, Andrew, Joey, Ronnie, and Angelica

Toby, Alan, Rose with Colin, Cedric and Andrew.

Time to eat! Reception back at the house in Fremont.

Ronnie brought the cake with Colin's photo.

The proud parents!

Dad, Louanne and her boyfriend and me.

Mom with Colin and Cedric.

They ordered a variety of filipino dishes for the reception.

Cake time!

Andrew and Bong.