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August 11-12
Lake Tahoe at Incline Village with Tony and Louie

We spend the weekend with Louie and Tony at Incline Village on the north shore of Lake Tahoe. Toby and I leave early Saturday morning and head up 80 toward Tahoe. We make a short stop at Kings Beach on the California side to walk along the pier and check out the art fair. We meet up with Tony and Louie at Tony's condo in Royal Pines Condo complex in Incline Village. We soon head out to the beach in Incline Village where we spend the afternoon lounging in the sun, swimming in the pool and watching Louie play volleyball. That evening we had dinner by the Hyatt (what an interesting event that was) before heading back to the condo to watch '23' on DVD. The next moring Tony cooks a waffel breakfast before we all head out back home. Toby and I tried to check out the Ponderosa Ranch but it was permanently closed, so we decided to make a quick stop by the shore before we do our 6.5 hour drive home... eek. Thanks Louie and Tony for inviting us for a nice getaway weekend.

We stop at Kings Beach on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe.

Many families were spending the day on the sunny beach playing in the water.

People were renting jet skis and kayaks and all sorts of water crafts.

We walked this pier in winter where the beach was covererd in snow, it's sure is different during the summer.

The picnic area and beach by Incline Village. We stop at Raleys for lunch food to eat by the beach.

Tony and Louie play volleyball. Louie found people to play volleyball most of the afternoon.

Tony and Anahi iin the kiddie pool.

We found the perfect spot to catch some rays.

Father and daughter.

All I did was layout in the sun!

Check out Louie's new speedos!

Everyone going down the slide!

All of us while waiting an hour for dinner!

Tony, Louie and Anahi.

Tony's family condo (on the right) at Royal Pines (Sunday morning).

Toby resting in the living room while Anahi eats her waffles.

The shoreline south of Incline Village.

Alan Dale in RED!

... before we hit the road home.