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September 1 - 3
Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend we spent each day doing something fun and interesting. Saturday we headed to Gray Whale Cove just south of Devil's Slide near Pacifica. Itwas foggy at the start but the warm sun came out shortly and we enjoyed a day in the sun working on our tans. On Sunday, we headed to San Francisco thinking it would be a good time to go since the Bay Bridge was closed and maybe not too many tourist. We head up tot Buena Vista Park to catch some views of the city since it was a clear day, but too many tall trees obscured our view. We then head down to nearby Corona Heights Park where the rocky butte was perfect for some nice views of the city. We then headed down to the Castro for lunch at Cafe Flore and gelato at Sweet Inspirations. On Labor Day Monday, we head up to San Mateo for a BBQ at the Murphy's. Speaking of head, we end up that evening doing head stands on the front lawn... fun times!

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Gray Whale Cove
Cafe Flore

Saturday, we drive over to Gray Whale Cove south of Pacifica to lay out in the sun.

Sunday, we drive up to San Francisco and head up some vista points, here is the city as seen from Buena Vista Park.

We head over to nearby Corona Heights Park for a more unobscured view of the city.

Toby at Corona Heights park with downtown San Francisc in the background.

Alan at Corona Heights, with Twin Peaks and Sutro Tower in the background.

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Dessert at Sweet Inspirations in San Francisco.

On Labor Day Monday, we have a BBQ at the Murphy's home. Joe and Gretchen smile for camera.

Gretchen and Kathy outside having a drink.

Doing headstands in the front yard,

Olivia, Georgia, Shiela, me and Tim doing head stands.

Pyramids and hand balancing the kids.