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September 15
Julie's Birthday Celebration

The gang gets together on the following weekend to celebrate Julie's birthday (her actual birthday is on the 8th). We first met at Julies home in San Jose for drinks and visiting with Sarah who couldn't join us for dinner. We then walked to the Melting Pot restaurant in downtown San Jose for our fondue extravaganza. After a nice dinner we headed back to Julie's home for gifts! Happy Birthday Jules!

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The Melting Pot

The gang at Julie's for pre dinner drinks and socializing.

During this time we celebrate Sarah's home purchase in San Francisco and Stephanie's 'BIG' announcement (which will arrive 9 months later!)

The girls: The birthday girl Julie, Sarah, Stephanie, and seated Anahi.

The guys: Alan, Toby, Louie, Tony, and Kelly.

At dinner at the Melting Pot restaurant in downtown San Jose.

Louie and I try some exotic cocktails: Lychee-Tini, and Pomogrante Cosmo.

It's been a while since we all had fondue, and all our first time to Melting Pol.

The dessert fondue had a flaming liquid-fall into the chocolate, although you can't see the flame.

After dinner we head back to Julie's home and get ready to open gifts.

Time for giftts!

I make a "Julie '07" music mix and a Sur La Table gift card.

Anahi took this picture of the gang!