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September 24
SF Giants vs. San Diego Padres

My first game at AT&T Park in San Francisco. We take Caltrain up from San Carlos all the way to San Francisco, we arrive early so we walk around and have burger's by the marina before heading into the park. Toby got the tickets from his office, they were season ticket seats. It was the third to the last game in the season for the Giants, they played the San Diego Padres. We left after before the end of the game to make the 10pm train home. The Giants won, 9-4.

Sitting by the marina having a burger at the Java House before heading into the park.

We were in section 108 lower level, fow 34, seats 10 and 9. We were behind the Padres dugout.

Some Giant's action shots.

Yup this was MY first time EVER into AT&T Park (aka SBC Park, Pacbell Park)

And the bases are loaded! Insert is a non-playing Barry Bonds.

We leave early and head for the train before the mad rush!