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September 30
Six Flag's Discovery Kingdom with Brent

Brent and I head over to Vallejo to Six Flag's Discovery Kingdom. It was Brent's first time to the park under the Six Flag's umbrella, and his first time on all the various rollercoasters in the park. We spent most of the day enjoying the rides and shows. We were able to ride ALL the coasters as well as see Shouka, the Killer Whale show and also the Dolphin show.

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Six Flag's Discovery Kingdom

We rode Medusa twice, once in the very front, then the very back.

We also rode Roar twice.

Shouka Killer Whale show.

It was a nice Sunday in the park and not too crowded. We finall rode V2 after morning technical problems had the ride closed.

The dolphin show and the aerial acrobatics.

The giraffes.

Tropical butterflies in the park's "Butterfly World" enclosure.