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November 10
Birthday Dinner at Betelnut in San Francisco

My friends treat me to dinner at Betelnut Restaurant on Union Street in San Francisco. Stephanie drove Kelly, Toby and I that rainy Saturday evening. We met up with Tony, Louie and Matthew who were at the restaurant. Julie was able to take a break from her hectic schedule at the Oracle tradeshow in town to make our dinner... yea! We had a wonderful meal at Betelnut with all the unique flavors of the orient. Louie and Tony presented me with the 'Alan' music CD mix. I get my own CD.. whoo hoo! Thanks! After dinner we continued the festivities at Starbucks where Kelly presented us with yummy german chocolate cup cakes, each individualized for each person.. how creative! At Starbucks Louie treated us to drinks while I opened gift cards with Apple gift cards (my iPhone fund!) THANKS EVERYONE FOR MAKING THIS A MEMORABLE BIRTHDAY (don't ask me how old I am!)

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Betelnut Restaurant

Cheers! I have the Mai Tai, Tony has the Dragonfly, and Louie has the Pom Pom.

Stephanie and Toby. Inset: Matthew and Kelly. Julie was in a cabby in route to the restaurant.

Great photo of Tony and Louie.

Yea. Julie makes it to our dinner gathering. She was staying in the city working the Oracle show at Moscone... busy busy!

Toby and Alan.

The gang before Julie arrive (the empty chair for Jules)

The "ALAN" music CD! Who knew there was a song named 'ALAN'... haa haa.

The gang in the rain outside Betelnut restaurant on Union Street.

Louie under Julie's umbrella... ella ...ella... ey.. ey... ey.

Blowing out candles on my cup cake (thanks Kelly), at the Starbucks down the street from the restaurant.

Kelly and his wonderful yummy cup cakes.

We each had a customized cup cake.

The entire gang at Starbucks.

I get gift cards and money to put toward my iPhone fund.