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November 17
"Color Purple" at the Orpheum

Victoria, Mom, Toby and I see the musical "Color Purple" at the Orpheum theater in San Francisco. We attend the 2pm matinee performance. We all thoroughly enjoyed the powerful performance of this beloved story... turned movie... then Broadway musical. We were all very familiar with Steven Spielberg's movie adaption which starred Whoopie Goldberg and Oprah Winfrey. The musical kept very close to the storyline, and it was very hard not to 'tear up' at the end. After the show we had a nice dinner at Palomino's Restaurant in the old Hills Bros. building underneath the Bay Bridge.

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Color Purple Musical
Palomino's Restaurant - San Francisco

We park at Civic Center parking. In the background is SF City Hall.

We see the 2pm performance of "Color Purple" at the Orpheum.

Victoria, mom and I in the lobby of the theater.

After the performance we have dinner at Palomino's.

Toby, Victoria, Mom and I at our window table at Palomino's.

Guess where?