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November 21-23
Thanksgiving in Santa Nella

Wednesday after work I drive down to Santa Nella to spend a couple of nights at my parents home for Thanksgiving. Victoria was spending the week there. Janell and John, Andrew and his family came on Thursday. We also celebrated my sister's 48th birthday. On Friday, we drove over the Casa De Fruta to the play area with the carousel and train ride. We had sandwiches there for lunch. Afterwards I headed back to bay area.

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Casa De Fruta

Wednesday night we soak in the hot tub.

Victoria putting the final touches on the 3D puzzle of the US Capitol.

The 750+ piece puzzle wasn't as hard as we thought. We finished the puzzle that Wednesday night.

Janell and John on Thanksgiving Day.

Andrew, Rose, Cedric and Colin arrive later that Thanksgiving Day.

We have an early Thanksgiving Dinner.

Colin Hunter Galindez.

Janell opening her iPod Nano for her birthday.

Janell opening her other birthday gifts.

Janell modeling her "Hug Sack" gift.

Colin's first Thanksgiving.

Music time!

Time to blow out the candles on the birthday pecan pie!

Family portrait.

Friday we drive to Casa de Fruta so Cedric can play on the Monkey Bars.

Posing next to all the 'cut outs' in the park.

We ride the double decker carousel.

We ride the 11minute "Casa de Choo choo" thru the park.

The train enters the Haunted Tunnel! EEEEEk.

Cedric and Victoria all shackled up!