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December 14
Gretchen and Joe's Holiday Party

Toby and I attend Gretchen and Joe's Holiday party up in Burlingame. After work that Friday, we head to Jim and Sheila's to pick up Charley, we then make a quick stop in San Mateo before heading to the party. We have a fun time catching up with friends and meeting new people. After the party we head up to San Mateo for a short stop. Tim had some sparklers left over from Fourth of July, so we lit them up.

Gretchen and her brother Christopher: Inset: Gretchen and me, Toby and Gretchen.

Jim, Sheila, Kathy, Toby, Bill, and Tim.

Sheila, Gretchen, and Bill.

After the party we head to San Mateo where Tim had some sparklers to play with.

We sure made a 'fog' in the neighborhood.