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December 21
Santana Row with Diana

Diana is in town from Washington State staying with her family before leaving on her Vietnam vacation, so the night before we meet up at Santana Row shopping complex for dinner to catch up on life. It was the height of the busy holiday shopping season, so we arrived early to avoid any mad rush. I didn't have any problems finding a parking spot at 3:30pm, although traffic in the area was very heavy. We had dinner at Thea Mediterranean restaurant by the CineArts complex. We had fun time catching up... and the food, "... is this NOT absolutely heavenly!"

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Santana Row in San Jose
Thea Mediterranean Restaurant

I meet up with Diana in Santana Row in San Jose, here we are in the central fountain.

Diana and Alan.

We head over to Thea restaurant by CineArts.

We both have fish for dinner, Diana sips on Sangria while I have a 'MAN'jito.

Alan by the large holiday tree located by Maggianos.

Diana by the tree (freezing in the cold with no jacket!) BRRR.