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December 24-25
Christmas in Santa Nella

For Christmas this year, I drove down to Santa Nella on the 24th. My siblings have already arrived at my parents. That day my sister brought a 'Lost' puzzle which we spent a huge amount of time trying to put together (there was NO picture to guide us), we also jumped into the jacuzzi to warm up. That evening we had a nice Christmas Eve dinner before opening presents late into the night. On Christmas Day, we had a nice low-key day milling around the house. We continued on the puzzle, but I had to leave before it was completed. Happy Holidays!

Rose and Colin. It is Colin's first Christmas.

Janell and Cedric searching for the edge pieces to begin the complicated "Lost" puzzle.

In the hot tub!

Janell and a little Santa "Colin".

There wasn't a shortage of 'head- gear' to wear that evening.

Colin or Santa?

A Cedric reindeer and a Santa Colin.

The musical group "Fremont Clan" performs on Christmas eve.

The family holiday portrait 2007.

The grandparents and their grandskids (and Chicka)

The siblings: Andrew, Janell, and Alan.

The brothers: Colin and Cedric.

The gifts begin: I give each household Norton 360.

I give Andrew a watch.

I make a 2008 Galindez calendar.

I give Cedric a 100 marker set and drawing pads.

I give mom a "Staying Young" book that was on her list.

I give Rose a sepia toned picture of Colin.