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January 12
Bill & Kathy's 50th Wedding Anniversary

January 11, 1958 Toby's parent's were married in Daly City... January 12, 2008 we commemorate their 50 years of marriage. The celebration began with a church service and renewal of vows at St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church in Burlingame, following was a reception at Dominic's Restaurant at Poplar Creek Golf Course in San Mateo. After the buffet lunch I show the DVD created which toasts their first 50 years together.

Click the following names for more information on the places we've seen and visited:
St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church, Burlingame
Dominic's at Poplar Creek

We set up the restaurant that morning.

I'm in charge of setting up the projector.

Barbara and Toby prepare the entry table.

The restaurant is almost ready for the reception.

The service at St. Catherine's in Burlingame.

Bill and Kathy exchange cup cakes at the reception.

My Mom & Dad.

Mom and me.

Gretchen, Martha, and Suzy.

Friends and family at the reception.

The six siblings (in order).

The Murphy family.