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January 27
Fort Point and San Francisco

On a rainy Sunday we decide to head up to San Francisco just to get out of the house. We really didn't have any particular destination in mind, but ended up by the bay around the Marina district. We walked around the water's edge at two separate areas of Chrissy Field before driving over to Fort Point underneath the Golden Gate Bridge. To our surprise the Fort was open! We both have not been inside the Fort for 'decades'! It was a nice surprise to be able to explore the Fort which has been closed for years after 9/11. After our exploration of the fort, we drive over to Pier 39 in Fisherman's Wharf to have lunch at the Eagle Cafe.

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Chrissy Field History
Fort Point
Eagle Cafe on Pier 39

Alan in the marina.

Toby along the water's edge at Marina Green.

Toby in Chrissy Field.

Alan and Toby at the Chrissy Field beach.

Inside Fort Point under the Golden Gate.

The rain coming down inside the fort.

Inside the dark recesses of the fort.

On the top of the fort.

On top of the fort.

The fort is directly under the bridge.

The fort's spiral staircase.

Alan at Eagle Cafe.