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February 3
Celebrating Kelly's Birthday at Pedro's Restaurant

This is Kelly's Yakudoshi year! (2/24) We celebrate early with a Sunday Brunch, at Pedro's Mexican Restaurant and Cantina in Santa Clara. Toby and I arrive early with our Good Luck shamrock (Oxalis) plant for Kelly. Soon Stephanie arrived soon with Julie short behind. Kelly arrived with Felicia at the same time as Tony, Louie and Anahi. We had a Mexican brunch with omelets and waffles, and other numerous yummy foods. After Kelly was seranded by the Mariachi band, we celebrated Kelly birthday with gifts. We left around noon to head home to watch the Superbowl game. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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Pedro's Restaurant and Cantino, Santa Clara

Julie gave us Valentine's gifts.

Julie and Toby.

Toby takes a picture of the gang.

Tony and Louie.

Felicia takes a photo of the gang.

Felicia, Kelly and Julie with the Mariachi band.

Kelly with Jule's Valentine gift.

Kelly opening his cards and gifts.

Kelly with his good luck plant.