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January 22-24
Dad's 70th Birthday Bash in Santa Nella

My dad celebrates 70 years of living with a big birthday bash held at Santa Nella's Anderson's Pea Soup restaurant on Saturday night, February 23rd. The evening was fun dispite the wet rainy weather outside. Almost 100 family and friends attending. Family members from around the state attended as did numerous friends from tennis and filipino associations. After the reception and buffet my mom gave a toast, followed by us kids. There was a dance performance by members of the Filipino Historical Association, they danced the Carinosa. Andrew then came on and sung a couple of songs for dad, including a song sung in Visayan, my Dad's native language. Shortly aftewards Rose joined in to dance the Kurasta a traditional Visayan courtship dance. The rest of the evening was full of dancing and dessert and drinks. Lots of FUN! Happy 70th Birthday DAD!

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Anderson's Pea Soup - Santa Nella

Victoria and Alan getting getting the hall ready with helium balloons.

Jane and Elaine

Dad with long time friend Tom Jones from Salinas

Rose and Andrew at the head table.

Rose and Colin

Dad with friends and tennis buddies.

Mom introducing the man of the hour... my dad Danny!

The room was divided in two halves... here was one side of the room...

... and here is the other side of the room.

After mom's introduction, Jane goes up and talks about Dad...

Next comes Andrew and then me. Then we open the floor for friends and family to talk...

Their good friend Art Villarruz gives a toast.

Tom Jones comes up to talk..

Amy Ramirez talks to the guests

Lastly 'Cool' Daddio comes up and talks to his guests and thanks them for coming.

Art, Helen, Hank and Andrea from the FilAm Nat. Historical Association perform the Cariñosa.

Andrew performs two songs, one sung in Visayan and one he wrote just for Dad.

Andrew and Rose then give a surprise dance by performing theVisayan dance the Kuratsa.

Andrew and Rose strike a pose during the dance.

Dad cutting one of his two cakes!.

It's dancing time!

Can you tell we're dancing the YMCA!.

One of the many 'line dancing' we did during the evening.

Dancing away: Toby, Victoria, Rose and Andrew.

Andrew, Rose, Victoria and me.

Ronnie and Joey Bato

Dad and the DJ dancing??

On Sunday at the house, Dad opens up his gifts!. Someone gives him MONEY

We also celebrate Vicky's Christmas presents!

Alan and Jane at Anderson's Split Pea Soup Sign!