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March 22
Hike Mission Peak

As you probably know, we like to go to spots in the Bay Area that have sweeping views. A hike up Mission Peak would definitey provide one of the best views in the Bay, but we waited until a nice cool spring day to make the demanding trek. Saturday morning, we drive across the bay to Fremont to hike up Fremont Peak. This strenuous climb is over 2,200 foot constant ascent to one of the most spectacular views in the Bay Area. This spring day was perfect with the cool temperatures and the glowing green hillsides.

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Mission Peak Regional Park

Above is a panoramic view taken from the top of Fremont Peak, 2,517 feet tall with sweeping views of the Bay Area and East Bay. This strenuous 2,200 foot ascent was worth the view.


We depart for the trail at 10:30am from the parking area on Stanford Ave, Fremont. The peak in background.

One of our numerous 'breather' stops on the way up.

Toby with the Fremont foothills in the background.

Outcroppings of lichen covered rocks dot the hillside.

We continue our ascent, almost to the top...

We arrive around 12:15pm at the top.

Toby at the top, This marker has 'views' of various landmarks that can be seen from this peak.

You can see all the way to the North Bay from this South Bay peak.

Alan with the Silicon Valley in the background.

Many hikers made the trek this sunny clear day. It was a bit windy and cool at the top.

We regained our energy with a lunch break at the top.

The hike down was easier and much warmer, we were sore later that day, but it was worth it.