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Mary 4
A Day in San Francisco

We spent a day up the city visitng places that were significant in either movies, tv or to our own lives. We head up to Lombard Street, home to the crookest street in San Francisco. Just one block down from this heavily traveled street is the home used in Alfred Hitchcock's 1958 classic Vertigo and across the street is the house used in MTVs 1994 Real World San Francisco. We then drove by 2640 Steiner Street, the home used in the Robin Williams movie Mrs. Doubtfire. We later had lunch along the Filmore where we stopped by the house where Toby's mom lived in while she stayed in San Francisco.

Lombard Street.

The 'Vertigo' house on Lombard Street.

The Real World house on Lombard Street.

Mrs. Doubtfire house on Steiner Street.

Toby's mom lived in one of the apt. here on Washington Street.