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May 31
Colin's First Birthday Celebration

Andrew and Rose throw a big celebration at their home for Colin Hunter's First Birthday! Their home was full of friends, relatives, food and fun. Maggie the Clown was the guest star of the party, she performed tricks, juggled a variety of objects, did face painting and balloon animals for the kids (and some adults).

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Maggie The Clown

Colin's First Year "Spongebob" themed birthday cake.

Cedric and neighbor in the Spongebob 'jumper'.

Aunt Nini's grand kids playing in the jumper

The birthday boy... Colin Hunter.

Rose and Colin, mom, Aunt Nini, Grandma Veronica, Victoria, and Gabriele with her niece.

Mom, Auntie Nini, Grandma Veronica and Victoria.

Time to get food and eat!

Victoria and Colin.

Maggie the Clown paints a butterfly on Cedric's face.

Maggie the Clown performs tricks in the backyard.

Maggie the Clown juggling for the guests.

More juggling feats by Maggie the Clown.

Lastly, Maggie makes creative balloon animals for the kids.

The kids were covered in all sorts of balloon animals.

"Happy Birthday to you..."

The Batos are Chicka's second family!

Getting ready to cut the birthday cake.

Grandma Veronica, Andrew and Dad playing ukelele in the backyard.