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June 8
Thousand Trails for Mom's Birthday and Father's Day

The family heads over to Thousand Trails on Sunday to celebrate and early Father's Day and mom's birthday. It was the perfect day for swimming and relaxing in the sun.

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Thousand Trails - Morgan Hill

Me and dad by the Uvas Falls along the creek.

Janell, mom and me relaxing by the camper.

Alan, Toby and Chicka by the falls.

Mom and Dad with their grandson, Colin ARCHER!

We head to the pool to cool off.

Alan, Toby and Janell taking a refreshing dip in the pool.

Cedric with his uncle Alan.

Colin looks like he will enjoy the water.

Gift time! I give mom the Randy Pausch book "Last Lecture".

Toby and I take another stroll down to the 'falls'.

Father Day gift time. I give dad a tennis shirt, he also gets a Hawaiian shirt from the Fremont Clan.

The familita.