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June 11
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Jim, Brent and I head over to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (aka MarineWorld) to ride the new Tony Hawk coaster. We shared the park with thousands of middle school kids on their year end school trip! It was a warm day in the park (upper 80s). In addition to Tony Hawk we rode most of the coasters: V2, Roar, Kong, Cobra, and Medusa. We also caught the last Shouka Killer Whale show.

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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Our first coaster of the day was Vertical Velocity.

Second coaster was a long wait on Tony Hawk. Inset: Jim on Roar!

Brent and I on Roar! They had one car operation, it took a while to ride this coaster.

Time to pose with a Looney Tune character.

A playful Atlantic bottlenose dolphin in one of the Shouka tanks.

One of the numerous colorful butterflies in the very humid Butterfly World exhibit.

Brent and Jim grill the new porcupine animal trainer with endless questions.

Brent and Jim on California's largest junior coaster - Cobra!

SHOUKAAAA! (or is it S-HOW-KA) killer whale show.