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Kiewatt Family Reunion - Boise, Idaho

The Kiewatt Family had a reunion over the July 4th weekend in Boise, Idaho. Toby's mom Kathy and her sister Monica are two of the five Kiewatt siblings.

Updated family tree to come, Click image to download .pdf file:

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Boise, Idaho
Oxford Suites, Boise, Idaho.
Ann Morrison Park

Friday, July 4:
After staying one night at Martha and Steve's cabin in Tahoe Donner, we leave early for our 7 hour drive to Boise. We drive east on 80 toward Winnemucca, Nevada, then north on 95 through Oregon and into Boise, Idaho. We arrived around 3:30pm (MST). Plenty of time to get rested, attend the 5pm wine reception at our hotel (Oxford Suites) and then drive to Carol and Jon's home for the 6pm 'Meet and Greet". This was the first of three events for the reunion. After meeting many members of the family it was time for Fourth of July Fireworks! Toby and I followed Martha and Steve to downtown Boise to see the city's firework display from Ann Morrison Park.

Our long 7hr drive from Tahoe to Boise takes us through Nevada and Oregon.

Our hotel, Oxford Suites in Boise.

Carol and Jon's home for the Meet and Greet.

Kathy and her sister Monica... the Kiewatt sisters.

The Murphy representation: Steve, Bill, me; Martha, Cameron, Kathy.

Suzie, Laura, Oleta and JoAnn.

Toby and his cousin Rita.

Alan with Teri and Pam.

Martha with Laura.

Host Carol, Martha, Rita and Monica looking at the reunion album.

Laura holds Monica's birthday cake, who's birthday is July 4th.

We drive to downtown Boise to view the city's firework display.


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Saturday, July 5:
We started the day with the complimentary breakfast at our hotel before heading to downtown Boise. Most of the sights we wanted to check out were around downtown, we first walk thru the bustling Farmer's Market where we run into Toby's parents and Monica crossing the street. We encounter many members from the reunion along the busy downtown market. We stop and have coffee with Teri, Pam and Rob. After the farmer's market we head over to the Boise Depot and Platt Gardens just outside downtown. We drive around downtown and the rose garden before heading over to Toby's Aunt Monica's home where Toby's parents were staying. We stop back at the hotel to rest before heading to Cathy's house for the big reunion event. Cathy has a wonderful home in the hills above Boise.

The bustling farmer's market downtown. Can you see Kathy, Monica, and Bill ready to cross the street?

Having coffee with Teri, Pam, and Rob.

The Platt Gardens around Boise Depot has spectacular views of downtown Boise.

Downtown Boise from the Boise Depot.

Platt gardens at the Boise Depot.

We visit Aunt Monica before heading to the BBQ.

Cathy's house in the Boise Hills for the main event and BBQ.

Greg, Kathy, Teri, Monica and Sheila.

Toby and his dad Bill.

Martha, Kathy and Steve looking at the family album.

Suzie and her daughter Alex.

Dinner is served... chicken, burgers, and more.

Dawn and Alan.

Pinata time!


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Sunday, July 6:
We check out of our hotel and drive over to Laura and Kim's for brunch. They have a cute home on the north side of downtown Boise. We had brunch in the back patio. The brunch was the last of the three day Kiewatt family reunion. It was nice all the members of Toby's family. It was a challange figureing out how everyone was related to each other. To keep everyone straight I had to put together a family tree. By the end of the third event I was getting a better understanding of who's who in Tobys large family. After brunch we took group photos before everyone departed back home. After stopping to buy a Boise Bronco's shirt we hit the long road back to Tahoe to continue our vacation...

Laura and Kim's cute home in Boise, just north of downtown.

Toby and his cousin Laura

Laura and Kim.

Sisters: Suzie, Oleta an Barbara and their families. Joined by Aunt Monica and Ted.

Cathy (middle) with her two kids: Sarah and Jeff (and their partners)

JoAnn and her family, partner Dawn, and her daughters Tara and Becky.

Toby with his cousing JoAnn, who currently lives in Minneapolis.

Toby with his cousin Paulette, the youngest of the Heistuman siblings.

The Ayer's Clan

The Heistuman's Branch of the family

The two remaining respresentatives of the Murphy's.



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