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July 6-11
Tahoe Donner

After the Kiewatt family reunion in Boise, we spend a week in Tahoe Donner with the Murphy family. Toby and I stay at Martha and Steve's cabin along with the Sternbergers, while the rest of the family stay at the rented big house at the top of Pinnacle Loop.

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Tahoe Donner
Sierra Cloud Catamaran (Hilton)
Truckee River Rafting

Sunday, July 6:
After Sunday brunch in Boise we hit the long drive back to Tahoe. We arrive around dinner time to Martha and Steve's cabin in Tahoe Donner. Upon arrival they were about the depart to the big house up on the hill. So we get back into the car and head up to greet everyone. The Sternbergers arrived the same day too after a couple of days touring the Bay Area. They arrived a couple of days prevously from Kentucky. The Sternbergers prepared a wonderful vegetarian dinner.

Martha and Georgia.

Alan having dinner, we have portabella mushroom burgers.

Mike and Tim hanging out. Inset: Rob dealing cards, and Georgia showing off her tattoo.

Game time, we start a hard grizzley puzzle and try a game of Mad Lib.


Monday, July 7:
Monday late morning we organize a bike ride down the Truckee River. We park the cars at the Squaw Valley resort entrance and ride along the river to Tahoe City (about 6 miles). In Tahoe City we park our bikes at the "Dam Cafe" for ice cream before hitting the bikes back down the river to our car. That evening in the big house we have a pasta and veggie meal, then played card games and continued with our puzzle.

Steve and Martha's cabin in Tahoe Donner.

Mike and Zach go out for a morning bike ride..

Mike playing around with Cameron while Hayley shows Georgia some balloon tricks.

Squaw Valley: getting our bikes ready for our ride along the Truckee River

Bill leads the ride along the river, Patty is behind me. I carefully take pictures while riding.

We ride up river 6 miles to Tahoe City.

In Tahoe City we stop for ice cream at the Dam Cafe.

The ride back down river to our cars.

Spencer, Charley and Olivia hanging out at the big house.

Pasta dinner at the big house.


Tuesday, July 8:
We woke up early to for an off road bike ride along the trails by Tahoe Donner. I couldn't ascend up the hill to where the trail began and had to bail out. Around lunch time the family gathered at Martha's cabin for the first of our craft activities, we did tie dye shirts. Hayley and Barbara organized the craft. I somehow forgot to bring my shirt but used Toby's instead. We tied up the shirts in rubberbands and then soaked them in numerous colored fabric dyes then let them sit overnight in plastic bags. After the craft activity Toby and I headed into town to Safeway to purchase items for our dinner. That evening we prepared asian inspired dishes, I made Pancit Canton, Toby backed seasame ginger chicken, we served egg rolls and steamed veggies like my favorite baby bok choy. After dinner we played card games like Shanghait, finished our second puzzle, and introduced the family to a new dice game... 1-100!

Early morning bike ride to go off roading.

Gathering to start our tie dye project.

Haylay gives instructions on what to do.

Martha and Cameron applying dye to their shirt project.

Everyone dying away.

Our asian inspired meal.

Our second puzzle completed.

Playing the crazy dice game... 1-100.


Wednesday July 9:
Wednesday was our Lake Tahoe catamarran trip. Toby and I ventured to Tahoe early to meet up with the family for the 1:30pm trip departure. We almost missed the boat due but made it just in the nick of time. This time we shared the catamarran with other guests. We enjoyed the 2hr ride on Lake Tahoe. The weather started off clear but the smoke from the fires quickly blanketed the sky by the latter part of our trip. After the ride, we took a quick dip in the Lake before being 'asked to leave' since we were not Hilton guests (private beach). Later that evening back at the big house, Martha and Steve make a wonderful rib dinner. We unraveled our tie dye shirts, rinsed them and washed them.

Spencer, Charley, Olivia, Emily and Tim on the catamarran.

Toby and Barbara. Inset: Time and Emily, Rob and Moira, Alan

The Cernas: Jim, Sheila, and Georgia

Martha ad Steve.

Charley stirring the boat as Cameron and Jim watch. Inset: Olivia's turn.

Bill and Moira

Mike and Barbara.

Tim and Patty.

Alan and Toby.

The grandchildren hanging out.

Tim and Olivia.

Moira, Toby and Kathy.

The girls: Barbara, Martha, Sheila, and Moira.

All the girls.

All the guys.

And now everyone!

Kathy and Bill.

A quick dip in the lake.

Charley at the big house. Inset: Moira and Barbara doing their nails. Steve cutting up ribs for dinner.

Rinsing out our tie dye projects.

Olivia and Emily showing off their creations.

Patty and the kids wearing their new original shirt designs.

A smoky sunset.


Thursday, July 10:
Thursday we do a morning rafting trip down the Truckee River.The trip takes us from Tahoe City down to River Ranch where we stop for lunch. After lunch we take the bus back to our cars. Later that afternoon back at the big house, we have our second craft activity... mosaics. Toby assembled mosaic pieces of found glass and old potteryware from his family.That evening Toby's parents prepared dinner.

The start of our rafting trip along the Truckee River.

Toby and Alan paddling away.

We take several rafts for our river ride.

Moira and Rob's raft

Jim showing off Riley.

We stop along the river to flolick in the river.

At the end of the river we stop for lunch at River Inn.

Alan and Emily at River Inn.

Charley and Cameron.

The bus ride back up to the cars in Tahoe City.

Martha showing off her mosaic creation.

The mosaic craft table.

Friday, July 11:
We have brunch at the big house that sunny morning. After breakfast we have a champagne toast to celebrate Bill and Kathy's 50th Wedding Anniversary. Later that morning Toby and I head back home. Thanks for all the fun and hospitatlity.

The Sternbergers: Zach, Barbara, Mike and Hayley.

Cheer's to 50th Years!