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July 19
"Chorus Line" at the Curran in San Francisco

We head up to the city to see the musical "Chorus Line" at the Curran theater. Julie and Lon meet us at the cottage in Menlo Park, then Toby drives us to the city. Lon gives us great alternate directions to downtown (he's a human GPS), we park around the corner from the theater. We have time before dinner, so we stroll through San Francisco stopping at Salvatore Ferragamo to check out the latest patent leather hand bags, then we head over to check out the sale at Gumps. It's 6pm and dinner time at Ponzu, where we meet up with Louie and Tony. After a fun dinner, we see the 8pm performance of Chorus Line.

Click the following names for more information on the places we've seen and visited:
Ponzu Restaurant
Chorus Line
Curran Theater

Julie, Toby, Lon and I roaming around Union Square.

We have dinner at Ponzu before the show. We meet Louie and Tony at Ponzu.

The group at Ponzu: Julie, Tony, Louie, Lon, Alan, and Toby.

Outside Ponzu restaurant on the corner of O'Farrell and Taylor.

We see the 8pm show of Chorus Line at the Curran.

The gang outside the Curran theater.