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August 16-18
Redway, California

Tony invites us up to the family compound in Redway, California located in Humboldt county in Northern California. On Saturday, August 16, Toby and I left Menlo Park early for the over 4 hour drive up along Highway 101. We arrived in Redway before 1pm. We met up with Louie, their friends Glen and Enrique, and Jeffrey, and Tony's daughter Anahi. Tony's family and relatives own adjoining lots along the Eel River. That Saturday was warm in the mid 90's so we quickly headed down to the Eel River after we unpacked our car. We met numerous relatives while cooling off in the river. We walked down the river to jump off a natural ledge. Later that afternoon we went for a hike amoungst the Redwood trees while Enrique and Glen cooked dinner. After a wonderful Thai inspired dinner we played charades around the campfire before heading indoors to watch the thriller "Vacancy" on tv.

On Sunday, we head up north along 101 driving through the Avenue of the Trees before heading into Ferndale. A cute little town which was used as the backdrop for the movie "Majestic" with Jim Carey, and "Outbreak". While in Ferndale we attended the Humboldt County Fair. At the fair we had lunch and roamed through the various animal displays and auction. This was the most 'authentic' county fair I've attended. On the drive back we again drove through the Avenue of the Trees before stopping at the grocery store to purchase wild salmon for dinner. That evening we played the "1-100" dice game and watched Olympics before playing a round of 80's Music trivia game.

On Monday morning, we woke up early and gathered more rocks to which to paint. I finished my "Redway 2008" rock and began a new rock. After breakfast we packed up and headed out. On the way back we stopped off at Benbow Inn, The Legend of Bigfoot store, and The Grandfather Tree before hitting the road back home. We got stuck in an over 30 minute delay in Laytonville due to road construction.

Once back in the Bay Area, we stopped along the coast in San Francisco to take pictures of the Golden Gate, before heading home to Menlo Park.

Thanks again for inviting us for a wonderful and fun filled weekend, looking forward to another trip up to Redway.

Click the following names for more information on the places we've seen and visited:
Humboldt County State Park
Humboldt County Fair
"Avenue of the Giants"
Benbow Inn
Legend of Bigfoot

Toby at Richard's Grove.

Everyone lounging by the river, the Eel River.

Anahi cools off in the river.

Toby and Alan

The group cooling off in the 90 degree weather: main picture: Enrique, Louie, Glen, and Jeffry. Insets: Jeffrey, Toby.

Enrique strikes a pose as Glen snaps a photo.

Toby by the Eel river.

Louie cliff diving.

Alan's turn.

Both Tony and Louie do synchronize diving.

Glen's turn while Enrique watches.

Tony and Louie.

On the bridge to Shelter Cover: Tony and Anahi.

Toby and Alan

Anahi, Tony, Toby, Alan, and Louie

Anahi, Tony and Louie.

Louie, Anahi and Tony on the 'family' log in Humboldt Redwoods State Park.

Roaming through the redwoods.

Glen preparing a Thai inspired dinner. Inset: Alan and Toby painting rocks.

Sunday: At the Chimney Tree.

Downtown Ferndale, California.

A cute "little" house in Ferndale.

My first "jumping picture" in downtown Ferndale.

Louie, Tony and Anahi with a neat church in the background.

The entire gang in Ferndale.

Ferndale was used in the movie Majestic and Outbreak.

Jumping in a dense grove of redwood trees.

Toby preparing a wonderful salmon dinner.

My painted rock!

Alan and Toby relaxing in a hammock.

Monday: Stopping by the historic Benbow Inn.

Alan at the Bigfoot Store.

Ma, Pa and Baby!

Jeffrey and the grandfather tree.

Toby and Alan at the Golden Gate.


A near 360 degree view at the Giorgi compound in Redway.