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San Diego and Legoland

We celebrate Brent's 41st Birthday with a trip down to Legoland. We extended our trip with a stop at my friends Rich and Kit's home in San Diego. We arrived a day earlier and spent time with Rich and Kit, Rich's mom and Rich's brother Al and wife Joanne, visiting from Maryland. We stayed the night then left for Legoland Monday morning once the traffic died down. An unexpected thundershowers and very humid weather descended upon San Diego, it felt like we were in Hawaii! It actually rained on us on our drive to Legoland. I found myself enjoying Legoland and it's family oriented atmosphere. The weather cleared up in the afternoon and the humity dropped a little. We rode all three coasters in Legoland: Technic Coaster, Dragon, and Coastersauraus.

We left the park late afternoon and checked into our hotel, Comfort Inn, in Old Town San Diego. We ventured over to Belmont Park in Mission Bay so Brent can add the Giant DIpper onto his coaster counter. We also had dinner at Belmont Park while the sunset. It was a long day so we turned in early.

Tuesday morning, we head back home to the Bay Area.

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Legoland California
Belmont Park

My good friends Kit and Rich at their home in San Diego.

Kit shows us his backyard oasis.

Bromeliads flourish in their backyard, numerous tropical plants and succulents dot the yard. Their cat Molly!

Kit shows us the painted ceiling in their living room

The atrium in the center of their home.

I give Rich and Kit a couple of painted lady bug rocks.

We hang out around the fire drinking and chatting.

Monday we head up to Legoland in Carlsbad California. Unexpected thundershowers greet us on our way.

Our first ride is the Technic coaster.

The dragon in front of the crazy "Knights Tournament" attraction.

Alan and a Legoman.

Brent and a life size Volvo SUV in legos.

On the "Coast Cruise" around Legoland.

Miniland USA and their verson of Las Vegas

Brent in a Lego New York City.

San Francisco recreated in Legos.

I was impressed with the Miniland USA and their recreations of US cities.

FWEE Legoland!

We ride the Giant Dipper at Belmont Park.

Dinner at Canes restaurant at Belmont Park.

The sunset at Canes Restaurant.

Sunset in San Diego.

"Technic" Coasater

"The Dragon" Coaster