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August 30
Waterskiing at San Luis Reservoir

We go waterskiing on San Luis Reservoir by my parent's home in Santa Nella. We drive out from Menlo Park to meet up with my Dad, Andrew, Rose, and Cedric who were already on the boat. We each took our turn water skiing. First Andrew went out before we arrived, then I went double skiing for a little bit until my lower back started to hurt. Then Toby went up to ski. It has been a while since he went water skiing but he picked it back up very fast. Andrew then went out again on the knee board and caught some air. We then took the boat into the beach so Cedric can go swimming in the designated swim area. After our little swim the heat of the day started to rise, and the holiday weekend crowd started to arrive, so we took this as our opportunity to head back in for lunch. We spend the early afternoon at my parents home before heading back home to Menlo Park.

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San Luis Reservoir State Recreational Area

We arrive early Saturday morning before the holiday rush, they drove to the dock to pick us up.

Toby's first time on the boat.

Cedric seemed still sleepy when we arrived.

Andrew, Rose, Daddio, and Andrew.

Dad steers the boat.

When we arrived Andrew had already went skiing.

Rose was the designated Flag woman.

Alan's turn to go skiing!

Alan skiing doubles.

Toby getting ready to ski.

Toby showing perfect form.

Andrew goes knee boarding.

Andrew catching air.

Toby in the swim area (jumping in the lake? Breaching like a whale?)

Cedric paddling on the knee board.

Alan, Mom, and Colin. Colin's painted rock.

Colin eating a corn, trying on my sandel, and washing his hands in Chicka's water bowl.

The collage for the day!

Alan Skiing

Toby Skiing

Andrew Skiing