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September 14
Bike Riding around Angel Island

On a grey overcast morning we head up to San Francisco to head over to Angel Island to ride our bikes. We leave early and park the car at the Marina Green then we ride our bikes over to Pier 41 to purchase tix for the 9:40am Blue and Gold Ferry to Angel Island. While in line we befriended a friendly local San Franciscan lady whom we ran into numerous times while on the island. The ferry ride was cool and brisk while out on the bay toward the island but once on the island the thin layer of fog started to burn off and the temperare warmed up nicely. We ate our lunch early once we arrived before heading up on the Permieter Road counter clockwise around the island. The loop is roughly 5 miles up and down the hills around the island. We often stopped at the historic sites along the way and for the numerous spectacular vistas from almost every turn. We departed back to San Francisco on the 3pm ferry.

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Angel Island
Blue and Gold Ferry

Alan awaitng our 9:40am departure. Inset: Toby talking with SF resident about Angel Island.

On the Blue and Gold Fleet ferry. We head out onto the bay on a cool and overcast morning

Alan and Toby on the top deck of the Ferry.

We approach Ayala cove where we depart onto Angel Island.

We head over to the picnic area to eat before heading off on our bikes.

Ready to head up onto the bike trail...

We ride counter clockwise on Perimeter Road. Our first stop with views of Tiburon.

Ruins of the old island hospital, sort of creepy yet very cool.

Great photos were around every corner in this abandoned building.

We stop around Point Blunt to take in the views of San Francisco.

Toby and his bike. The weather cleared and warmed up nicely.

From this vantage point you can see the Golden Gate, and many points in San Francisco.

Of course, we had to take jumping photos on the island.

Toby jumping. Inset: A seqway tour stops to check the nike missle site.

A nice photo taken along one of the numerous stops along the road.

Another abandoned bulding, this was once also a small hospital.

Us in motion... biking around the island.

We make it around the island, back at Ayala Cove.

Alan and Toby ata now sunny Ayala Cove.

The Angel Island sign. We wait for the 3pm ferry back to San Francisco.

Can you see my reflection in Toby's glasses.

Alcatraz as seen from our ferry back to San Francisco