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September 23
Craftnight : Rock Painting

We have craftnight at our cottage in Menlo Park. We continue with more rock painting after having mooshoo pork for dinner. Martha arrived first with Cameron, then Gretchen came with Toby's mom. Soon Sheila, Jim, Charley and Georgia arrive. We had a fun time catching up, socializing, yummy dinner with wine, and painting rocks.

Below are the final sprayed rocks the kids painted on Tuesday's craftnight:
Clockwise from top: Cameron's Rocketship, Georgia's flower, Georgia's flower, Charley's hatching egg, Georgia's flower, Charley's Rocketship, Georgia's flower.

Socializing around our patio table before we eat dinner.

Georgia painting rocks

Celebrating Martha's birthday with cake and ice cream after dinner.

Gretchen and Sheila. Inset: Alan and Toby, and Martha.

Martha helps Georgia paint a rock. Charley and Cameron paint their rocket ships.

Charley and Cameron show us their final rocket ships.