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September 27
Dinner at Moss Beach Distillery

For our fourth anniversary dinner we head over to Moss Beach to have a romantic sunset dinner at the 'haunted' Moss Beach Distillery located on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It took a while to drive over to Half Moon Bay via 92 due to extremely heavy traffic, which was basically stop and go all the way from reservoirs on the other side of the hill. It was sunny and warm in the Bay but the fog started to roll in once we came into town, so we didn't exactly see any sunset. Prior to dinner we made a quick stop at the Fitzgerald Marine Preserve just north of Moss Beach. We had a great dinner with scallop appetizers, halibut and red snapper dinners and orange sorbet dessert.

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Moss Beach Distillery
Fitzgerald Marine Preserve

Alan at Fitzgerald Marine Preserve.

Toby at Fitzgerald Marine Preserve.

Our window seat at the Moss Beach Distillery, overlooking the patio.

Our sunset view before the fog rolled in.

The view of the ocean from our table.

The restaurant is a historical landmark.