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October 5
"Spring Awakening" at the Curran

The gang goes see the hit Broadway musical "Spring Awakening" during it's short run at the Curran Theater in San Francisco. That morning, Julie and Kelly arrive at our cottage in Menlo Park where I then drive up to the city and park by Union Square. We have Thai food for lunch before exploring Union Square. We stop off at a music store to look for Gershwin tunes for Kelly, then we walk over to Gumps to look at their super expensive glass Christmas ornaments. Me met up with Kara at the theater before taking our seats, Tony and Louie arrive a little after the show began.

Note: One of the main characters "Moritz" (the guy with the tall hair) was played by Blake Bashoff who starred as Karl on ABC's "Lost" (boyfriend of Alex, who eventually got killed)
Note: The character who played "Ilse" (the girl who left home and had her body painted by Bohemiams) was played by Steffi D, a finalist in "Canadian Idol" 2006.
Note: Blake Bashoff's "Moritz" and Kyle Raibko's "Melchior" both played these respective roles in the New York Broadway production of Spring Awakening.

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Spring Awakening
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Curran Theater

Toby and Kelly eating Thai food in San Francisco (eating Pad Se Ew)

Walking around Union Square.

Toby and Jules in Union Square heading to the theater.

Toby and Alan outside the Curran Theater.

At the theater: Alan, Kara, Kelly, Toby, Julie, Louie, Tony.