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October 7
Dinner at Chevy's

Victoria was in town staying with her dad while between semesters, so I head over to Fremont after work (enduring terrible commute traffic of 1.5 hrs!) to take the family out to dinner. After the long commute, I needed a 'drink' so we switched dinner from Pacific Buffet to Chevy's.

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Victoria and Alan getting ready to head out to Chevy's in Union City.

At Chevy's at Union Landing in Union City.

After a terrible commute I needed a drink... or two.

I order a sizzling fajita burrito.

We all order dessert.

Hanging out back at the house in Fremont.

Father and daughter... insert "Slit Eye".

Colin was having fun.

Colin really likes wearing my shoes!

Victoria and Colin.

Colin and Alan.