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October 25
Milagra Ridge Park and Pacifica Pier

Toby and I drive up to Pacifica and head up to Milagra Ridge for clear views of the Pacific, it was a perfect clear day and very warm for an October day. After viewing Pacifica from above, we drove into town and headed toward the Pier. The waves were very high for such a calm day.

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Milagra Ridge Park

Alan at Milagra Ridge with Pacifica in the background.

Toby at Milagra Ridge.

Alan and Toby at Milagra Ridge.

A view of the Pacific coastline toward Devil's Slide.

Down along the coastline we head toward the Pacifica Pier.

Toby on the Pacifica Pier.

A panoramic view of the Pacific coastline from Milagra Ridge.

The waves were very big for such a calm day.

Large waves battered the pier and made huge splash.

The coastline toward Daly City.

Spectacular waves from the turbulant seas.

Pictures from around Pacifica.

Toby at Pacifica.