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October 29
Pumpkin Carving!

After work Toby and I drove down to Martha and Steve's for dinner and pumpkin carving. We met up with Sheila, Georgia, Charley, Cameron and Bill and Kathy down at their home in San Martin.After a delicious soup and salad dinner we set up a pumpkin carving table in the garage. I tried to freehand a 'skull, Charley carved a bat, Sheila and Georgia carved a happy face, Cameron and Martha did a pirate ship. After carving pumpkins they surprised me with a birthday 'pumpkin' pie!

Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday!

Georgia and Charley in a Transformer costume.

Toby and Alan

Time to carve pumpkins!

Alan scooping out a handful of pumpkin guts.

Kathy helps Georgia with her pumpkin.

Sheila helps carve a happy face on Georgia's pumpkin.

Our glowing pumpkins!

It's not too early to try on our costumes.

Alan and his birthday pumpkin pie.

Martha and Georgia help light the candles for the pie.