November 1

A Night at AsiaSF

On a damp Saturday evening in San Francisco friends met up at AsiaSF for an evening dinner full of fun, dancing and a few men in drag. Tony and Louie planned the evenings outting, Toby and I drove up and met them along with Matt, Tony's sister Cindy, and their friend Alex. We celebrated my birthday and Matt's birthday (Oct 19th).

  • Downstairs I get a drink, see a 'show'. All sorts of people were here!

  • Tony and Louie give me a Halloween basket for my birthday.

  • A special lapdance downstairs.

  • We meet up with Louie, Matt, Tony and Cindy downstairs.

  • Alan and Toby at our dining table upstairs.

  • Alan, Cindy, Tony, Louie and Matt awaiting dinner.

  • And the show begins, a bevy of Asian drag queens dance for us.

  • I had a very close view to all the action.

  • A dancer visits with us: Toby, Cindy, Tony, guest, Matt, Alan, Alex.

  • I thought she was the prettiest of all the dancers.

  • The final dancer had the best body.

  • After dinner and the show we head downstairs to dance.

  • Tony and his sister Cindy.

  • Louie dancing the night away downstairs at Asia SF.

  • A short video of our trip to AsiaSF (youTube)