November 8

Birthday Luncheon in Antioch

We celebrate Victoria (11/7) and Alan's (10/31) birthday at "Humphrey's on the Delta" a seafood restaurant on the marina in Antioch, just one town up from Pittsburg where Victoria lives. We drove from various locations to visit Victoria's neck of the woods in eastern Contra Costa county. After lunch we had delicious cake with strawberry filling. We soon opened presents, Victoria received clothes, money, and a drawing kit. I got a Best Buy gift card and a wood clock dad made.


  • Mom, me and Dad at Humphrey's on the Delta

  • Andrew arrives with Colin, Cedric and Victoria.

  • Toby takes a picture of the family before lunch is served

  • The birthday girl and the birthday boy

  • Alan and Toby

  • Time to blow out the candles on the cake

  • Victoria with her grandparents

  • Victoria, Alan and Toby

  • Victoria, Andrew and Colin

  • Victoria opening her gifts, she gets clothes and a t-shirt

  • Dad makes me a clock, I also get a Best Buy's gift card

  • I give Victoria a Prismacolor drawing kit

  • Cedric having fun with the gift ribbons.

  • The sailing ship takes off on it's 2 hour tour of the delta.

  • Family group shot time.