November 27 - 28

Thanksgiving in Santa Nella

Thanksgiving this year as spent at my parents house in Santa Nella out in the Central Valley. Andrew and his family arrive Wednesday night while I arrive early Thursday Thanksgiving morning. We spend the day puttering around the house and preparing for the evening meal. Mom makes us a delicious traditional Thanksgiving dinner with turkey, stuffing, cranberry and pumpkin pie. After dinner we play music and watch Colin dance. We then end the evening watching the comedy DVD "Get Smart". On Friday morning, Andrew, Cedric and Dad take the boat out to do some fishing, they came back with four large striped bass. I stay through dinner before heading back to the bay area. Happy Thanksgiving!!!


  • Colin riding on the back of his older brother Cedric.

  • Mom with Chicka in the backyard.

  • Mom tending to the Thanksgiving turkey.

  • Alan makes the family mojitos.

  • Andrew and Rose taste testing my Mojitos, I later make mango mojitos.

  • The Thanksgiving dinner table a glow in candles.

  • Mom and Dad in the kitchen.

  • Dad carving the Thanksgiving turkey.

  • Family group photos before we sit down at the table.

  • Colin playing keyboards with grandpa.

  • Time to dance! Colin sure knows how to move.

  • Three generations of musicians.

  • Cedric, Dad and Andrew catch four striped bass.

  • Cedric and Colin playing with their belly buttons.