December 7

Holiday Get Together at Julie’s

Toby, Kelly, Stephanie and I get together at Julie's place in Cupertino for a pre holiday get together. Toby makes a Mediterranean Orzo salad, Kelly makes turkey sandwiches and Stephanie makes a fruit salad, Julie made appetizers and supplied drinks. After lunch we play a round of "Rockbank" and then Kelly showed us how to play the Chinese tile game Mahjong. Thanks Jules for hosting a get together at your place!

  • Julie sure likes shoes... now they are on her wall!

  • Toby and I at Julie's place, Julie makes appetizers.

  • Cheers! Kelly pops open a bottle of bubbly.

  • Julie and Stephanie.

  • Time to eat!

  • Toby and Julie pulling at their holiday poppers.

  • Kelly and Steph's turn at their holiday popper.

  • Toby, Julie, Stephanie, Alan and Kelly

  • Kelly, Stephanie, Toby with the tree, Julie.

  • Bits of the tree were falling off!

  • Time to play Rockband!

  • Once we got things set up we were rockin!