December 20

Matt, Tony and Louieā€™s Holiday Party

Ho Ho Ho.... Time for Yuletide Cheer! We attended Matt/Tony/Louie's Holiday Event in Matt's highrise apartment in the sky in San Francisco's Pacific Heights neighborhood. Matt has a spectacular view of the entire Golden Gate Bridge! Toby drove both Kelly and I to the party, Kelly made a variety of baked goods and a yummy apple wedges with cream cheese dip... we need the receipe!

  • Alan and Toby on Matt's balcony with the Golden Gate bridge

  • Matt's Christmas tree

  • Matt, Kara, Jeffrey and Kelly

  • Toby, Kelly, Jeffrey

  • Alan, Kelly, Jeffrey

  • Tony and Alan. Inset: Toby and Tony

  • James having fun.

  • Nico and Louie

  • Kelly, Sun and Tony

  • Alan, Toby and Louie

  • Asia and Louie

  • Jeffrey, Nico and Alan

  • Alan and Toby

  • Matt, Kara and Louie

  • Nico, James, Matt, Kara, Tony, Alex, David

  • Nico with a bunch of Asians!

  • Sun, Jeffrey and Asia

  • Toby, Alan and Alex