December 30

California Academy of Sciences

On a Tuesday during holiday break Mom, Dad, Janell, Cedric, and I ventured out to the new California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park, we expected holiday crowds but didn't expect lines 10 times worse than when Toby and I went after grand opening in October ... just crazy! We were able to see all the exhibits, except the Morrison Planetarium presentation which no longer had available tickets once we finally entered the museum. We did enter the Tropical Rainforest Sphere, which leads directly into the Steinhart Aquarium and new Philippine Coral Reef Tank exhibit. Then we had lunch at the AcademyCafe before heading to African Hall and finally the roof top. We were in the museum from roughly 10:15am thru 3:45pm. Cedric seemed to thoroughly enjoy all the interactive displays and especially the aquarium exhibits. We will all need to go again to see the planetarium show, and for less crowds.

  • The staff picture taken in the "Rainforests of the World" Sphere.

  • We're getting closer! Waiting in the hour long line to get in.

  • The donar plaque wall by the albino alligator.

  • Mom, Cedric and Janell by the California Coast tank.

  • The "Rainforests of the World" sphere.

  • Dad by a replica of a giant Borneo flower.

  • Dad admiring a butterfly which landed on a tourist's arm.

  • Janell and Cedric inside the sphere.

  • Below the Amazon Rainforest tank.

  • California Coast tank.

  • Janell on the top floor of the rainforest sphere.

  • Look... Filipino's by the Philippine coral tank sign!

  • The enormous Philippine Coral Reef Tank.

  • This tank is the world's deepest living coral reef display.

  • Cedric gazing into one of the many windows looking into the sphere.

  • Dad and a distant relative? in the African Hall.

  • Cedric and a Galapagos tortoise.

  • Looking at the various diorama's in African Hall.

  • Janell, Cedric and Mom on the Living Roof of the museum, the DeYoung in the background.

  • Dad, Mom and Cedric on the Living Roof.

  • Janell on the Living Roof.

  • Dad and Alan gazing onto the Living Roof.

  • Time to go home! Stop, last photo by the sign.

  • We meet up with Toby at Applewood Pizza in Menlo Park.