January 1

New Year’s Day at the Murphy’s

We celebrate New Year’s Day at the Murphy’s. We start the afternoon with a round of Gin Fizzes while watching the USC dominate the Rose Bowl. It was time for presents so we gather in the living room to watch the kids open their gifts before doing the gift exchange for the adults. I end having the bamboo bath set, Toby got the See’s Candy / iTunes gift card. We then sat down and had a delicious crab dinner. We ended the evening with a round of “Shanghai”.

  • Alan by the Christmas Tree

  • Alan with Emily and Olivia

  • Gift time! The kids open up their gifts.

  • More tifts! Georgia and Emily open their gifts.

  • Martha, Steve and I watch the kids open up their gifts.

  • Kathy with the new sweater that Martha/Steve.

  • Toby by the Christmas Tree.

  • Dinner is being prepared! Sheila, Patty and Martha.

  • Toby setting up the table!

  • Look Georgia with shoes on her hands!?