January 4

Coit Tower and Telegraph Hill

On a cool late Sunday morning we take advantage of the very clear conditions to take in some tourist spots in San Francisco. We decide to walk up Filbert Steps from Sansome up to Coit Tower. The picturesque gardens along Filbert were in their winter sleep, but still peaceful. The parrots flew loudly above the tree tops as we ascended up the steps to the Tower. Once on top f Telegraph Hill we pay for the elevator ride to the top of Coit Tower to take in the scenic views around San Francisco. Luckily the winds were calm to non-existant at the top of the tower which provided for great viewing experience. Once down the tower, we descend the hill using the Greenwich Steps which was our first time along this path. The steps tooks us past the now closed "Julius Castle" restaurant where Toby's parents had their 30th Wedding Anniversary dinner. We arrived down on Sansome Street and headed straight for lunch at Fog City Diner and sat at the counter. Toby had clam chowder and I had a burger and a glass of merlot. We walked through Levi Plaza on our way back to the car. It was a nice walk on an exceptionally clear San Francisco Day.

  • The lower most portion of Filbert steps by Sansome.

  • A black cat crosses our path on the wooden section of Filbert.

  • Toby along Filbert steps.

  • Coit Tower from Filbert steps.

  • A view of Washington Square from the top of Coit Tower.

  • Toby on top of Coit Tower. The Golden Gate bridge in background.

  • Alan in Coit Tower overlooking the financial district.

  • A view of Golden Gate Bridge from Coit Tower.

  • Alcatraz is clearly viewed from this vantage point.

  • These stairs descend down to the elevator which takes us to ground level.

  • On our descent on Greenwich steps

  • Toby with the Bay Bridge in the background.

  • The now closed "Julius Castle" restaurant.

  • Alan sitting at the counter at Fog City Diner

  • Alan and Toby outside the Fog City Diner entrance.

  • Toby and Alan outside the Fog City Diner

  • The central fountain in Levi Plaza

  • Back where we started, the base of Filbert steps.