January 10

Parent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary Dinner

We celebrate parent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary - January 14, 1959-2009.

The family gathers at my parents home in Santa Nella for light lunch, once everyone arrives we all gather in the den to watch the DVD I put together chronicling the Galindez Family for the past 50 years. Afterwards it was picture time in the living room and then time for gifts. I gave each household a DVD for a keepsake. Andrew, Rose, and Jane gave a commemorative platter and wine glasses and cake server. After gifts we drove over to Hollister to have a nice dinner at Cedar House restaurant. We ended the evening with a Black Forest anniversary cake. Congratulations Mom and Dad!


  • Alan and a bag full of DVDs and the bouquet of roses Toby and I brought.

  • Fwee! Janell setting up the living room for photos.

  • Photo test... Janell and Chicka.

  • The family gathers in the den to watch the DVD.

  • Photo time: Mom and Dad.

  • Mom and Dad with the kids: Janell, Andrew and Alan.

  • Janell, Toby, Alan, Romarr, Victoria, Rose, Andrew, Mom, Chicka, Colin, Dad and Cedric.

  • With the grandchildren: Victoria, Cedric, and Colin.

  • Anniversary glasses from Andrew, Rose, and Janell.

  • The DVD case.

  • Anniversary platter.

  • Looking over the menu at Cedar House restaurant in Hollister.

  • Romarr and Victoria.

  • Andrew and Rose

  • Colin, Dad and Alan.

  • Cedric and Dad

  • At the dinner table.

  • Mom and Dad and their anniversary cake.

  • Cheers! Congratulations on 50 years... let there be many more years to come.