January 31

Point Lobos State Reserve and Carmel

We took advantage of the warm clear weather and took a day trip down to Carmel. We headed out early that morning and drove down to Point Lobos State Preserve just south of Carmel, we arrived early enough to get a choice parking spot. We first hiked the popular Cypress Grove Trail. When we arrived at North Point along the trail I ran into an old work a acquaintance from Computer Curriculum (90’s), Irene Player (formerly Peña). She and her husband Allan were celebrating their 10 year anniversary. We continued along the trail which looped back toward the car. Before arriving at the car we ran into a mule deer munching on some shrubs. After a short break we hiked the windy Sea Lion Point Trail and then along the South Shore Trail, taking in all the views and stopping at tide pools along the way.

We headed out of Point Lobos and headed north. We tried to stop at the Carmelite Monestary where Toby’s aunt has stayed during her nun retreats. We then headed to the Carmel Mission where we did the self guided tour of the basilica and the grounds. We then drove over to Carmel where we parked along Ocean Avenue and headed to the beach. We layed on the warm white sands of Carmel Beach soaking in the afternoon sun watching the beach crowds enjoying the near 70 degree weather. We took a day nap for about an hour before strolling through the shops of Carmel.

We headed out toward Monterey where we parked at Cannery Row in the main lot and changed clothes for dinner. Before heading to the restaurant we walked along Cannery Row to check out the new Intercontinental Clement located right next to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. We then walked up to the Sardine Factory where we had 5:30pm reservations. They sat us in the nice glass domed Conservatory Room where we ordered the petite filet mignon and shrimp scampi. We had an excellent dinner with superb service.

It was a perfect day in Carmel and Monterey, we had a great time and the weather was ideal.

  • Alan, early morning along the Cypress Grove Trail.

  • Sitting on a log at Point Lobos.

  • Toby by South Point along the Cypress Grove Trail.

  • Artsy narly Cypress branches in the Allan Memorial Grove.

  • An artsy view looking south down to Big Sur.

  • Toby along the Cypress Grove Trail by Pinnacle Cove.

  • My friend Irene and her husband Allan at the North Point lookout.

  • Alan and Toby at the North Point lookout.

  • Irene and I worked together at CCC in the 90s.

  • Cypress Cove and Big Dome.

  • Toby at Cypress Cove.

  • An artsy cypress branch along the trail.

  • Alan at Cypress Cove.

  • On our hike back we encountered a mule deer.

  • Toby on the Sea Lion Point Trail.

  • We see a number of sea lions in Sand Hill Cove.

  • Along the South Shore trail we stop to check out the tide pools.

  • Alan taking in all the scenery.

  • Some shells nestled in a rock.

  • Fwee I had to jump somewhere.

  • Toby and the coastline along Big Sur.

  • Checking out the tide pools by Weston Beach.

  • Alan at Weston Beach.

  • A haunting view down the coast.

  • Seaside plants bloom just outside the Carmelite Monestary.

  • The Camelite Monestary just north of Point Lobos.

  • Toby in the courtyard at the Carmel Mission.

  • An interesting door at the Carmel Mission.

  • Alan at the front of the Basilica at Carmel Mission.

  • One of the two bell towers of the Basilica of Carmel Mission.

  • Toby by one of the fountains in the courtyard.

  • The interier of the Basilica.

  • Toby at the entrance.

  • At the side courtyard.

  • The large courtyard by the school looking back at the mission.

  • One of the bell towers.

  • Alan by the Chapel with the tower in the background.

  • Toby by the Chapel.

  • The white sands and blue waters of Carmel Beach.

  • Toby walking along the shores of Carmel Beach.

  • Alan resting and soaking in the warm sun.

  • Toby at Carmel Beach.

  • A narly Cypress branch at Carmel Beach.

  • Alan posing by a Cypress tree.

  • Toby at Carmel Plaza (no more Orange Julius here!)

  • A classic Mercedes convertible parked along the road.

  • The historic "First Murphy House" in Carmel.

  • Alan and Toby by the new Intercontinental along Cannery Row.

  • Toby at Monterey's Cannery Row before dinner.

  • Outside the historic Sardine Factory before dinner.

  • Have a wonderful dinner in the Conservatory Room in the Sardine Factory.

  • After a wonderful dinner, we head back home.